Grade Submission Deadlines – VERY IMPORTANT!

Hello All,

Please find below the message from our Chair regarding grade submission deadlines.

Our Chair has requested that I let all of you know that it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL FACULTY SUBMIT THEIR FINAL GRADES BY THE DEADLINE.  The attached memo gives you full information about grade submission procedures and deadlines.

I personally might add that missing grade submission deadlines is one of the major factors that may lead to non-reappointment.

If you are having trouble with your final grades, please contact Jan or me for help.




Dear faculty:


Please see the attached memo regarding submitting your final grades for the semester.


I am asking that you submit your grades in a timely manner because failure to do so has serious negative impact on students who are graduating or receiving financial aid.  Also, we do not want the Registrar and Dean sending us reminders!


If you are traveling, please submit your grades before you leave as it is easier to handle potential problems.


If you are having trouble with CUNYFIRST, you can go to the Registrar (S315) and see Mr. Jimenez or other staff for assistance.


Thank  you all.




From: Faculty and Adjunct announcements [mailto:FACULTY_ADJUNCTS@LISTSERV.BMCC.CUNY.EDU] On Behalf Of Registrar eMail
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2014 10:52 AM
Subject: Fall 2014 Web Grading Memo
Importance: High


Dear Faculty & Adjuncts,


Please CLICK HERE for the web grading memo for the Fall 2014 term. Happy Holidays!




Office of the Registrar

199 Chambers Street, S-315

New York, NY 10007

Phone: (212) 220-1290

Fax: (212) 220-1254


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