Department Picnic Thurs. 5/22

Hello All,

On behalf of the Departmental Excellence Committee and Karen Thornhill, I’d like to announce a “Spring Picnic” for our department.

Come by for a few hours to relax with your colleagues, play some games, eat great food (hint: possible guacamole), and feel free to bring your children (or someone else’s…). If enough of you fill out the gold-colored “Achievement form” Karen left in your mailboxes, we may even have a nice pamphlet of our achievements by then.

**Please bring a dish to share.**

Date: THURSDAY,  MAY 22nd      2 — 5PM

Place: PIER 25:   Just walk down N. Moore Street as west as you can, and that’s our spot on the park lawn overlooking the Hudson River!  WESTERN END.

Mini golf,  beach volleyball,  sailing optional (and extra $$). We’ve got our place in the sun! Music is fine, as long as it’s not too loud.

********NO GLASS   &
NO ALCOHOL   permitted*********


Joe Bisz


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