Responses to Questions/Concerns from the Contact Info Sheets

Hello All,

The Adjunct Committee received some questions and concerns on the contact info sheets we requested you all complete.  We’d like to address those:

  • We WILL have office space at Fiterman!  🙂  Joyce announced this at the last department meeting.  Right now I have no information about where the room is in the building or when it will be available to us.  I will keep you informed as I learn more.
  • There IS a Reprographics located on the bottom floor of Fiterman where we can make copies (go down the stairs from the ground floor where you enter).  To the best of my personal knowledge, this is drop-off service only as there are no self-service copiers there.
  • Any questions about pay rates, raises, etc. should be directed to HR and/or Payroll (as applicable).
  • The PSC-CUNY union is involved in the larger issue of lobbying for Adjunct Faculty rights in general.  I suggest checking out their website at:
  • Student evaluations are a big factor in re-appointment at BMCC for Full-time and Adjunct Faculty both.  If you are in a situation where you receive (or expect to receive) many negative student evaluations due to circumstances outside your control, I suggest talking to Jan Stahl, the Deputy Chair for adjuncts, about your concerns.
  • The Composition Committee worked very hard to schedule ENG101 prep sessions at a variety of times.  I’ve posted the dates and times for these sessions on this website and there are flyers posted in the English department.
  • The PSC is working hard to negotiate our contract with the city and, once again, I refer you to their website.
  • Joe Bisz has been collecting data regarding classes that have been over-filled by the Registrar.  If you have a section that has been filled above the class cap, please get in touch with him.
  • By this point in the semester, we all know about the “registration crisis” that occurred at the start of the semester.  This is something the department is trying to address and that was discussed at the last department meeting.  Unfortunately, we don’t know how this will develop over the long term as it is predicated on a variety of factors.  Scroll down on this website for the official statement from our Chair.  I will keep you all updated and I suggest attending the department meetings if at all possible for ongoing updates on this issue.
  • Concerns about class requests and availability of classes should once again be directed to Jan.  Unfortunately, this is another issue related to the registration crisis.  I personally know that both Jan and Zhanna have worked and continue to work very hard to try to be fair to all faculty members (full-time and adjuncts both) in terms of allocating classes.
  • The adjunct committee does our best to post important information to the website AND send it via the email list.  If you are concerned about being “out of the loop,” I suggest also joining the department Yahoo group.  This is an UNOFFICIAL online group that is moderated by Bob Lapides, but a lot of information does get disseminated through there.  Contact Bob to be added to the group.
  • The PSC is working very hard to make sure that Adjunct Faculty members don’t lose their health coverage.  The president, Barbara Bowen, is pretty confident that we’ll be able to preserve adjunct health benefits.

(This information was also sent out to the email list.)


The BMCC Adjunct Liaison Committee


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