Department Meeting Next Wednesday 3/12

Hello All,

While adjunct faculty are never required to attend department meetings, I STRONGLY recommend attending this one if you can.  As you can see on the agenda, we will be addressing some of the issues about which many of you have expressed concerns.  This is a good opportunity for everyone to find out more about recent events (like the registration crisis) and to make your voice heard in regards to your specific concerns.

Our department meeting will be on Wednesday, March 12, from 2:00–4 p.m. in Room S737. Full-time faculty members are expected to attend.  Adjuncts are as always welcome.
  • Approval of minutes
  • College enrollment & Registration matters  – Jan & Zhanna
  • College assistants
  • Symposium – Caroline
  • Course changes – Tali
  • August Assessment – Miriam & Kelly
  • Advisement & Observation – Margaret
  • Summer session – Zhanna & Aimee
  • English 101 final exam /changes – Racquel & Julie
  • Faculty marshals
  • Learning Curve
  • CUNY changes in Reading exam
  • Announcements



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