For ENG088 and ENG095 Instructors…

This is a very important message for those of you who are teaching ENG088 and ENG095.  If you’re not teaching either of those classes, please disregard.

Dear Colleagues,

(Ignore this if you are not teaching 088 or 095)

I am writing on behalf of John Short to remind you to sign up for his orientation to the Basic Skills Lab–

Each semester John Short places a schedule of times he’s available to speak to your students about tutoring in the Basic Skills English Lab. It is very important that students are introduced to the tutoring services, so they can take advantage of the academic support the college provides.

Please sign up for one of visits on the schedule outside of Dr.Harte’s office. If we don’t use the Basic Skills English Lab, we will be in jeopardy of losing it or having the tutors’ hours cut.


Caroline Pari and John Short


I really want to second what Caroline is saying here about the department’s Basic Writing Lab. If we don’t use our writing lab, we will indeed lose it.

I urge all of you to send your students in developmental writing to the Basic Writing Lab. Require your students to go as part of the requirements for the course. You can give them a note to let the tutor know what the student’s needs are.

We have new software that the college has paid for. This software will help students with their grammar problems.

Again, I urge you to send your students. Because if we don’t use it, we will lose it. We are losing too many things as it is already. We don’t want to add our Writing Lab.

Thank you.

Joyce Harte


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