Please Read This Important Message From Our Chair

Dear colleagues:

As all of you know, BMCC has experienced a devastating registration period. There has been an unprecedented loss of classes throughout the college. One of the departments hardest hit has been the English department with 19 of our developmental writing classes cancelled due to lack of enrollment and about as many English 101 classes.
This has resulted in several of you with full-time status losing your classes thus causing a disruption in your schedules. I would like to thank you for your gracious cooperation and support as the deputies, Zhanna Yablokova and Jan Stahl, worked tirelessly to try to rearrange your schedules.
To our adjunct faculty, I know that you have been most adversely affected. Because schedules had to be rearranged and courses reassigned, many of you have no classes.
While I recognize that many of you are feeling upset, disheartened, and even angry, the decisions to take away classes were rather difficult, but I want to assure you that there was nothing personal in the choices we made. The PSC law requires us to follow certain protocols in situations like this and we had no choice.
There are many theories that are being advanced for this crisis, Pathways, CUNYFIRST, pass-rates etc. We don’t know and right now we cannot stop to discuss the situation as we are in the midst of dealing with it; many adjunct faculty still have to be contacted.  And, all of this has still to be digested.
What is clear is that the department has to rethink the way we do programming as our courses are shrinking. This will require flexibility from all of us.
I want to especially thank deputies Zhanna Yablokova and Jan Stahl for their hard work,(they were in the office until 2 am one night) professionalism, and commitment to fairness in what was rather a most difficult process.
Joyce Harte, Chair

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